Fulfill Your Fetishes & Fantasies With A Classic Domme
Meet Mistress Luxy

Relinquish control to an experienced and strong Goddess and glory in my powerful presence.

Experienced the many forms of pleasure from pain, torture, power, and control - as I delve into your mind and body for an experience you will remember for years to come.

Gentle or brutal, I will leave you whimpering and craving for more.

I will command you to subtle submission - without the need to raise my voice.

I am varied in my talents and interests, including domination, mild spanking and flogging, bondage, and foot fetish. My favorite is Japanese rope bondage, which I will introduce to you if you are worthy.

I will have you on your knees to beg and worship, and put you in your place as needed.

With years of experience you can be assured a professional, sane and risk managed session at my hands.

Are you ready to worship?


Your Experience With Mistress Luxy

My specialties are Bondage; Sissification; Humiliation; Caning; Flogging; Whipping; Spanking; and Discipline.

I enjoy scenes that incorporate the following.

Domination & Submission

  • Foot worship
  • Servitude
  • Fantasy role play
  • Pony play
  • Behavioural correction
  • Pet training
  • Sissification

Bondage & Discipline

  • Rope bondage and cuff restraint
  • Blindfolding & gagging
  • Collar & leash
  • Obedience training
  • Mummification
  • Sensory play

Sadism & Masochism

  • Mild impact (flogging, whipping, paddling, canning, etc.)
  • Corporal punishment
  • Nipple torture
  • Electro play (electro muscular stimulation, TENS and violet wand)
  • Slapping & spanking
  • Choking & light breath play
  • Pinching
  • Heat & cold
  • Tickle torture
  • CBT

Hosted in a fully equipped BDSM Dungeon Studio, your privacy and needs will be met.

I apply unique care and concentration to every scene ensure your submissive needs are satisfied.

Attention, empathy and thought goes into every free preliminary consult just before a session begins.

For intense sessions (i.e. after entering subspace from heavy impact play), I allow for some time for you to rebalance.

Sessions are hosted in my setting only and are one hour minimum.

Your experience with Me - whether mild, wild or extreme - will be sane and consensual. While all activities pose some degree of risk, risk with this play is reduced with awareness and controls for everyone involved.


60 minutes @ $300

90 minutes @ $450

2 hours @ $600

3 hours+ @ $250 per hour



Q. What are the risks with my experience in your hand?

A. There will always be some level of risk, regardless of how minute it may be. Those risks depend on the type of play you seek. You will be made aware of significant risks before your session begins, and there will be ways to manage those risks. I apply Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) principles to the experiences.

Q. Do you take beginners?

A. Yes. The level of play and approach for a beginner will be different than for an enthusiast or experienced client. Your needs and limits as a beginner will be taken into account for your session.

Q. How are you different from an escort who entertains fetishes and fantasies?

A. You may distinguish your experience with Me from that of an escort by the way I do things, and by my skill level at a given activity. Things you may note as different include:

  • the time I will spend to carefully plan and negotiate your scene before it starts;
  • My use safe words and signals;
  • discussion of limits, risk and consent;
  • and My level of awareness and attention on the client I work with.

Q. What does my experience include?

A. This depends on the activities and experience you seek. Your experience is unique to your preferences and taste. Every session includes pre-planning to negotiate your scene, to ensure our goals are met.

Q. Do you offer duo sessions?

A. Female / Male Dominant duo sessions are available with me and Master Tom, Toronto's top professional male Dom; or Dual Domme sessions are available for an additional tribute of $300/hour.

Q. Will there be markings on my body?

A. No. Not if you choose to not be marked. Temporary body marks like welts and bruises may result from certain types of the play (i.e. impact or restraint), although I take care to avoid leaving marks if that is what you choose.

Q. Do you provide full service, oral, or allow for "intimate" worship?

A. You are meeting a classic Domme -- not an escort. While I also have a sensual touch, that does not mean sexual services. If you must ask this question, then you are not a good fit.

Q. Do you provide scat or blood play?

A. No.

Q. Will you permanently mark or mutilate my body?

A. No.

Q. Do you do edge play (not to be confused with "edging")?

A. I will only consider edge play that I am skilled at, after a client and I have gotten to know each other. For example, I will not even consider consensual non-consent or extreme breath play with a new client.

Q. Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?

A. I am not accepting lifestyle slaves at this time, as I am already very busy at this time.

Q. Can you provide a clear photo of your face?

A. For my privacy and that of my clients, a face photo is not provided as a condition for booking an appointment. Rest assured, I am attractive and even better looking in real life.

Q. Can you provide a full nude photo?

A.  I am only interested in dealing sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude photos of others may be found on the Internet with a Google search. If you need to ask this question, you are not a suitable client.

Q. Do you do outcalls?

A. No, outcalls are not available at this time.

Q. What setting do you provide?

A. Your session will take place in one of the clean, safe, private and fully equipped BDSM dungeons / studios located within Toronto.

Q. Are those photos really you and how recent are they?

A. All the photos are truly of Mistress Luxy, and are as recent as a few weeks old.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash only.

Q. What will you do to keep my privacy?

A. Privacy and discretion is assured for all the experiences she provides. What occurs behind closed between you and me remains confidential. Recording devices are not permitted in the room where your session occurs, and there is no view into the room from the outside.

Q. How safe from a health standpoint are the experiences you provide?

A. All activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. All surfaces are disinfected after each session, and used implements are properly sterilized. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that pose a risk of transmittable infections. My hands are properly washed before each session as a given.

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

A. Surfaces and implements are cleaned with Clorox disinfecting wipes, 99% isopropyl alcohol or clinical grade cleaners (e.g. Cavicide). Insertable instruments are washed with anti-bacterial soap and sterilized with clinical grade materials or with a steam clave.

Q. Do you party and play?

A. do not take recreational drugs, and remains sober to ensure you receive a professionally delivered experience. 

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

A. My availability is limited. Pre-booking a minimum of 24 hours is required;  however, booked days or a week ahead is recommended for the best availability.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I works at a location near the downtown Toronto area, a few blocks from King and Queen Street West and Bathurst. Exact location provided after an appointment has been booked.