Fulfil Your Fetishes & Fantasies With A Classic Dominatrix

Relinquish control to an experienced and strong Goddess and glory in My powerful presence.

This journey begins when you stand before My doorway into another world — uninhibited by taboos, censors and judgement.

Your heart races in excitement and anticipation. Your mind is aroused by the sound of My heels growing louder as I approach. The door opens and you step inside .

You feel My presence and a sense of calm.

In this realm, your outside role will be suspended for a period of respite… a relief from your environment, demands and pressures of daily life… a reprieve from the pressure and repression of social identity, and the enablement of exploration in your submissive self.

Your removal of your attire as I command signifies the shedding of the outside world.

You know deep inside that your head should be bowed, even though you desperately desire to look up at Me – to catch a glimpse of My feminine beauty.

And in that moment, you surrender and place your mind and body in My hands.

Heaven & Earth

When I lay My hand on you, the alluring touch electrifies and energizes you from the top of your head to the point where you meet the earth.

You realize that I will unite the heavenly and bodily base, for there is equal physical, mental, and emotional human elements in My work.

I will tap into your suppressed desires and identity to relieve the pressure pent up within you. I will play out the fantasies and raise rewards of wisdom, self-knowledge, suffering, ecstasy, acceptance and mercy.


My dominance and assertiveness will enable relief from your usual social role of having to make decisions.

I relieve you of responsibility, and we shall overthrow social norms and conventions, in upholding My position of superiority and power.

I will direct your movements. I will put you through acts and procedures according to My initiative and intuition.

I will push you, challenge you, punish you, praise you, and allow you to please Me whichever way I desire.

I will inspire you to obey, serve and submit in authentic devotion – and you will happily belong to Me.


In bondage, you will accept that you are no longer in control. Forced to acquiesce and yield while entrapped in bondage, you will be freed – free to let go of work and worries, concerns and stresses. You will see the beauty in bondage, as you become one with the art. You are My canvass as I apply My creativity of rope on you like a masterpiece of exotic expression.


In corporal discipline, I will allow you to focus on the moment… on your physiological and psychological responses to the experience.

Our session will be about sharing interests and experiences… and in the unapologetic sharing of interests we will open up new experiences and forge trust.

At the end that momentary journey, you will have earned experiences with ecstasy, cathartic release, wisdom, revelation and insight — which you will fondly remember for years to come. You will feel more at peace, revived and relieved.