I am an established Dominatrix.

Articulate and intelligent, you will find Me engaging. I represent an important figure in society, and am the image of the powerful sexual woman to worship.

This is My craft, and I am true to the art.

I deal with BDSM and fetish – accepting and embracing different sexual identities and preferences – overturning paradigms and offering relief from social roles, while holding the knowledge of psychological and psychological states of submission and ecstasy.

I am inclusive and accepting of all ethnic and social backgrounds, orientation, and professions. Our existence supersedes judgement and prejudice.

Mistress Luxy - Toronto's Top Dominatrix

I proudly apply intuition and insight to My practice. With an open mind and heart, I attract a variety of followers of different nuances and walks of life.

I draw on My understanding of the psyche, sexuality, human desires and needs, along with practical skills, expertise, specialized tools and equipment to perform My craft.

This is My play time. It is intuitive, responsive, experimental, theatrical, transformative in nature. This is My enjoyment in the exploration of your desires and fantasies in the shadow of My identity.

Born and raised in Canada, I am university educated and have experience in the business world.

BDSM has been an integral part of My lifestyle, and that naturally led Me to become a professional years ago.

I have practiced safe, sane and risk aware consensual kink for years. I received training and specialize in percussion impact, and am at a teaching level with Japanese rope bondage / Shibari. I am also health and safety training certified.

With kink I am the artist, architect, creative director, and designer in making you a better person.