Tribute is your show of acknowledgement and gratitude for My time, energy and effort to bring our session to fruition. It is your appreciation of My investment in the fine tuning of My craft and expertise. It is your contribution towards My investment in My fine implements, mind stimulating settings, and attractive attire.

Mistress Luxy - Toronto's Top Pro Domme

90 minutes is the bare minimum to pull back your layers, in preparing your mind and body for your fantasies and desires to flesh out in reality.

Two hours or longer is required for more complex scenes requiring meticulous handling and care in overpowering your senses.

For intense sessions (i.e. after entering subspace from heavy impact), time is needed for you to rebalance under My supervision after the scene.

Tribute is as follows:

2 hours @ $800

3 hours @ $1100

4 hours @ $1400

5+ hours @ $inquire